London Faves and Raves, Pt. 1

We have just moved back to the States after three years in London.  We were sad to leave London, and before it becomes a too distant memory, I thought I should post a list of favorite places, restaurants, and haunts for friends, family, and other travellers who may stumble across this:

  • The British Museum. This was a favorite rainy-day haunt for us, with something for everyone. Our kids loved the mummies, of course,
  • Maida Vale and Little Venice. We lived on a communal garden at the corner of Clifton Gardens and Randolph Avenue. It’s a great neighborhood, and favorite haunts there include Raouls, Amouls, the Prince Alfred and The Waterway.
  • Sardos. Great, Sardinian-influenced restaurant in Primrose Hill with reasonable prices for London.
  • Uli. A good, fun, reasonable Asian-Chinese restaurant in Notting Hill.
  • The Electric Cinema. There is no better place to see a movie, yes it’s pricey but it’s worth the expense. You can sit with a beer, bottle of wine, and decent food from The Electric restaurant next door.
  • The annual Fall tour of Westminister. Be sure to rub Churchill’s foot going in or out of the House of Commons.
  • The annual late-summer tour of Buckingham Palace. An incredible, beautiful music room, fantastic art, and wonderful gardens in the heart of London.
  • Guy Fawkes. Get yourself to a Guy Fawkes party and ritual burning somewhere. The original Burning Man!
  • The Abingdon. Our favorite gastro-pub in London, and our favorite place for a great, relaxed dinner out with or without the kids. We will  miss the Abingdon more than any other place.

I will add more over time. Plus some favorites from travelling around the world more or less non-stop during the past three years.