Oops, Invaded Wrong Country

If we really wanted to remove a regime that is a cancer in the heart of the Middle East, maybe our troops US should have paid a visit to Iran.

FURTHER UPDATE: An interesting cultural sidenote. While living in London, I found the differences in coverage of the Middle East instructive and surprising. This story provides a useful example. The New York Times headline is "Iran’s President Says ‘Israel Must be Wiped Off the Map." I thought I would check out reportage on the story from the Beeb. Their header is: "Israel Warns of Tehran Danger." Perhaps all very innocent sounding to the average reader, but more complicated when one knows that the Beeb is generally critical of Israel, and the British public more sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians than the Israelis (if public opinion polls are to be believed). Odd, in that light, to lead with Israel’s reaction, not the comments of Ahmadinejad, which are horrifying.

EVEN FURTHER UPDATE: Top story on Ahmadinejad’s comments on Beeb now sports this headline: "Iran Leader’s Words ‘Sicken’ UK." Better, that.