A Modest Proposal

I’ve just read my bazillionth fluffy piece about a brilliant serial entrepreneur with their shiny new start up.

While reading it, I wished that it had included a Real Value Index for this serial entrepreneur; indeed, maybe this could be a new feature of reporting/blogging about these specimens.

The RVI would include things like:
— Do the products and services the serial entrepreneur created in earlier ventures still work, are they still used, and did they ever make any difference to anyone?
— What was the ratio of acquisition cost to their companies’ revenues (say, acquisition costs/revenues three years post-acquisition)?
— How many employees remained in the company after acquisition?
— What was the average user growth rate for the three years after acquisition?

Conversely, the RVI could be used to celebrate the entrepeneurs who stick with their products and services, who work constantly to make them better for users, who get their businesses to profitability, who create more good jobs for folks.

It’s naive, I know. And certainly heresy in this part of the world. But dare to dream.


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