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61,000 Video Sharing Sites!

Scoble’s blog today points to a post by Tom Foremski about the fact there are 61 video sharing sites out there.

My guess is that there are going to be a lot more; more like sixty-one thousand. That’s right, 61,000 sites that (a) offer video, (b) in flash (or its future equivalent), and (c) allowed the video to be embedded by the users of the site.

Why? Because:

a. Globally, there are lots of companies and people who own or make video programming;

b. The combination of broadband and flash had made it trivial to distribute video on the Internet now, and for people to watch it;

c. Allowing your viewers to take the programming and “embed” it into their blogs, myspace pages is just smart distribution; and,

d. Video (and audio) unlike text and photos can be delivered in microchunks, untethered from their home site, and still make you money (because you could put ads in the stream if you wanted).

Perhaps this is another way to look at this: one could consider text sites (blogs and others) that support RSS “text sharing” sites. There are probably millions, maybe tens of millions, of those text sharing sites, and I think we’re comfortable with that notion. We should expect nothing less with the video space.


5 thoughts on “61,000 Video Sharing Sites!

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