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Single Issue Voter

Last night, we heard from President Bush (and his eternally and always-wrong cheerleaders like Sean Hannity) tell us, basically, that if we didn’t support the "surge" in Iraq things could get a whole lot worse there, and then it would really be a catastrophe.

I continue to wonder: didn’t the Bush Brain Trust (and, frankly, inside-Washington foreign policy establishment) think about that when they decided to gamble on a pre-emptive invasion back in 2003? Did that possibility not come up?

Or maybe, was it only young, inexperienced Illinois state senators like Barack Obama and little old country doctors like Howard Dean who thought through these issues at the time.

All I know is that I fully intend to be a single-issue voter in 2008: if you’re running for President in 2008, did you make the right call in 2002 and 2003? If not, have you learned from your mistake in a profound and deep way? That doesn’t make me a passivist liberal — believe me, I’m not — it means I’m looking for someone with the character and basic intelligence to ask the obvious questions and to balance the obvious risks.

Obama, check.

Gore, check.

Hilary, not so much.

Edwards, not so clear.