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SecondLife “Proceed & Permitted” Letter

When SecondLife hype swept the land a few months ago, the recent spasm of SecondLife backlash was sadly predictable.

I’ve been wanting to jump in and offer a comment about all this, and the related Bubble Watch & “Web 2.0 DeadPool” fetishes that currently grip the Silicon Valley commentariat for a couple of weeks. And I will do that in a day or two, but first let us celebrate this lovely related development mentioned yesterday on BoingBoing.

Which is: a hardly original (but so many had to just gush, “Hilarious!”) parody of SecondLife hit the web the last day or two called GetaFirstLife. Get it? Hilarious! Totally original! So wry! That’s the exlamation point-with-irony-on, by the way.

SecondLife aka LindenLabs, to their credit, took this in stride and issued a “Proceed and Permitted” letter (instead of a Cease & Desist letter) to the creator of the parody. As the BoingBoing article (and creator) point out, a classy move — and in my book, more clever than the parody that prompted it.


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