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Twitter, Rediscovered a Year Later

A little over a year ago — sometime last August or September — I started faffing about with Twitter, as early adopters here in SF started to spread the word about it.

I liked it immediately, thought it was perhaps a wee bit twee. But we liked enough here at Vodpod we built a way to let you “tweet” a video from vodpod last December, just weeks after we launched our service. And we spent a great couple of hours dissecting its appeal with some very smart lads, Matt Webb and Jack Schulze.

Twitter really exploded in the Spring of this year, championed by Scoble and getting a lot of attention at SXSW. Funny, though, my interest in and attention to the service waned about then.

So I’ve been delighted to re-engage with it the past week or so. In part, it’s been for prosaic reasons. I saw that Rafe Needelman was doing a Twittercast from Web 2.0, and I’ve been checking out the various AIR (totally loving Twitterific) and iPhone clients and playing with twittering from the road. The Twitter folks get an A+ for their API work, something we’re trying to emulate here at Vodpod.

It’s fun to be back using the service. For my money, it’s a far more interesting than the other hyped up service of the day. In the end, both are really about communication, but there is a richness and layered-ness to Twitter I just don’t find with Facebook. And interesting lesson given how much more complex Facebook is, and how simple Twitter is by comparison.


3 thoughts on “Twitter, Rediscovered a Year Later

  1. Just out of curiosity, have you tried Pownce? I really like it but can’t seem to get my friends very interested in it. I abandoned twitter for it but have decided to give twitter another chance. I’m pretty disenchanted with facebook right now.

  2. Yeah, I did try pownce. Beautiful looking product, but I philosophically like the openness of Twitter and the fact it does one thing well. BTW, you know our little vodpod button lets you send a video to twitter, your blog and your pod at the same time, right? Sorry, always shilling for vodpod:-)

  3. Actually, I do use the Vodpod twitter thing and it works really well. I just haven’t added any videos in a long time. Guess I’d better get on it! 🙂

    As far as Pownce goes, I’m still hanging on. It’s slowly getting better and better. You’re right, twitter is great because it does the one thing well. But sometimes I want to do a couple other things without the chaos of facebook or myspace. I think Pownce fits the bill 🙂

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