Not Qualified for the Office

What a sorry set of losers, the Republican candidates for President in 2008.

Today’s Exhibit A: Rudy Giuliani says he’s the only qualified candidate in the race from either party because he has executive experience. Serving in the Senate, or other legislative  positions, doesn’t count, apparently. You have to have been a Mayor, Governor, or CEO!

Some of the folks who would not have been President if his criteria were applied:

John F. Kennedy
Harry Truman
Abraham Lincoln
John Adams

As I’m sure Rudy would tell us, it’s different now.

"These guys were all President before 9-11. Cuban Missile Crisis? Cold War? Civil War? Threats from the English? All small matters compared to the existential threat from Islamofascism" Rudy would surely remind us.

What a dope, you know?