The Cult of Hillary

If you missed it, the meme  propagated by a number of media folk and a few prominent bloggers this past week has been: "I voted for Senator Hillary Clinton because she’s detailed and more substantive and has a better track record" and that "Senator Obama, while a good orator, is just not as substantive, and his supporters look like cultists."

The gist of their complaint about Obama and support for Clinton is best expressed by Joel Stein’s mother, as given to us through Mr. Stein’s column in the LA Times:

My mom, a passionate Hillary Clinton supporter, immediately attacked
Obamamania. "Some part of me wants to say, ‘People wake up. He has no
plans.’ I get frustrated listening to his speeches after awhile," she
said. …

In other words, Obama is all oratory, no accomplishment. And that the converse is true about Clinton; no oratory, all accomplishment. In Hillary’s formulation, that she’s a "workhorse, not a showhorse."

The thing is, when you look at Senator Clinton’s record, it’s just not there. The lack of any substantive, noteworthy accomplishments in the Senate is stunning.  Clinton supporters please tell me, what were her accomplishments? I mean, besides going on some trips with Senator McCain, making nice with Senator Lindsey Graham, and throwing a baby shower for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. I want to know what substantive legislation she shepherded through the Congress?

After you’ve done some digging, please compare her record with Senator Obama’s. Then think again before making any statements about how much more substantive your candidate is. Or any claims about the lack of accomplishments from Senator Obama.

That folks buy into the Clinton "workhorse not a showhorse" myth while in the next breath accusing the Obama campaign of being a cult and fluff factory is would be hilarious, if it weren’t for the fact that these are smart people who ought to know better.

Finally, for fun, watch these three videos from outside the debate in Los Angeles a week and a half ago. The first two with Clinton supporters, the last with an Obama supporter. And then tell me who the cultists are. I mean, really, what a farce this whole "cult" meme has been.