Troubling Sign if You’re Looking to the Fall

Capturing nearly 70% of the vote in Nebraska and Washington state, and almost 60% in Louisiana, and driving substantial increases in turnout, Obama demonstrates an impressive breadth of appeal.

Conversely, Senator Clinton has not demonstrated that she can motivate voters outside her core constituencies, older white women and Hispanics and some union voters. These constituencies are incredibly important in the intramural contests within the Democrat Party. But they aren’t sufficient to carry a nominee to victory in the general election.

For it is not a given that the many independents and moderate Republicans that Obama is bringing to the Democratic Party will show up for Clinton with or without John McCain as the Republican nominee.

So if you’re a Democrat and are thinking forward to the Fall, results from yesterday and from last week should concern you should Hillary ultimately become the nominee.

Conversely, you ought to be excited about the prospect that Barack Obama is in the process of building the broadest and biggest coalition for Democrats in over forty years.