Heckuva Job!

One of the scare tactics employed by Senator Clinton and her supporters has been to suggest that Obama could be like Bush. Inexperienced, untested. Krugman added a new one yesterday, suggesting that Obama like Bush was simply creating a “cult of personality.”

So, interesting to read the past day about Clinton forcing out Patti Solis Doyle as her campaign manager. Turns out that Solis Doyle serially mismanaged Clinton’s 2006 Senate run as well as this presidential campaign, and that other Clinton advisers had been lobbying for her removal for over two years. So why wasn’t she let go earlier? Joshua Green explains in The Atlantic today:

As much as Clinton touts her own “executive experience” and judgment, she made Solis Doyle her campaign manager because of Solis Doyle’s loyalty, rather than her skill, despite a trail of available evidence suggesting she was unsuited for the role.

Remind you of anyone?