More from the Department of Irony

Has anyone else been amused that one of the new lines of attack by Senator Clinton’s supporters is that Obama’s not man enough?

Also, folks might want to cool the oh-so-tiresome “Obama-as-cult” obsessions.

I was particularly amused by this line:

The supporters of Hillary Clinton can’t come close to what’s being spread by Obama crazed fans. Anyone saying they are is uninformed, ignorant or not closely enough involved to know what’s actually happening. I am. You’re wrong.

Obviously Ms. Marsh does not read her own message boards, or those over at Hillaryis44.com.

Well, no need to look further than her own words to find signs of her particular brand of mania:

We’re nominating a president, not a motivational preacher, Elmer Gantry, or L. Ron Hubbard replacement.

Nice. Compare Obama to L. Ron Hubbard, and those who support him to glassy-eyed Scientologists.

If Hillary is ultimately the nominee, you might want to remember you’ll need us Obama supporters in the Fall. Last I checked, there are a lot of us.