New Primary on the Schedule: California, Take Two

Few local or national analysts have noticed (other than those over at the fine Calitics blog) that California still has well over one million votes to count — a number equal to over twenty-five percent of the total votes counted so far in the Democratic primary (4.4 million votes counted so far, give or take a few thousand).

Most of these are vote-my-mail ballots turned in election day at polling stations. There are also a couple of hundred thousand provisional ballots. As soem of these additional ballots have (slowly) been counted over the past week, In just the last two days of counting, Senator Clinton’s 10-point lead has shrunk to an 8-point lead.

State and county officials have 28 days from the date of the primary to finish the tally. That’s March 4. Same day as the Texas and Ohio primaries.

With one million votes still to go, Senator Clinton enjoys a 359,000 vote margin. It’s nearly inconceivable that the added votes would result in an Obama victory. But if the to-be-counted votes result in a much closer race than was initially forecast, and a much small margin of victory for Senator Clinton both in terms of votes and delegates, that would be important news indeed.