The Bogus Complaints about the Media

One of the clear themes from Senator Clinton and her supporters (including, apparently, some from SNL) the past few days has been: the media has been unfair to her.

Funny, I don’t recall her or her campaign making that argument last Fall, when she was far ahead in the race, and the media was effectively annointing her as the Democratic nominee, fawning over her supposed experience advantage (to the consternation of far more experienced Senators Dodd and Biden), and extolling her grasp of detail and substance.

The press in many ways continues its slavish adherence to the Clinton campaign talking points — repeating without any substantiation or back up that she is somehow more experienced or has a better grasp of the details or has more accomplishments — without much investigation or skepticism.

From what I can tell, favorable coverage of Obama began when her started winning primaries.

One last point: the Clinton campaign usually point to MSNBC as Exhibit A in their proffer of evidence of Obama-fawning. So funny to see Andrea Mitchell tonight in the post-debate review on MSNBC repeating almost verbatim the Clinton campaign talking points — that "I thought that Senator Clinton successfully got her point across, that ‘I am a fighter’."

Damned MSNBC, they’re in the tank for Clinton!