Working the Ref Works!

Or so it would seem, as MSNBC has been in the tank tonight for the Clinton campaign.

First, Andrea Mitchell spouted almost verbatim the campaign-provided spin of the night (see previous post for details).

Ron Allen trumpeted her supposed foreign policy experience. I’d like to see actual substantive backup of that — I used to work for the Senate Foreign Relation chairman, follow this area closely, and Senator Clinton just isn’t known for any substantive leadership in the area. In fact, Obama has passed more real, serious legislation in a shorter time in the foreign affairs area (Lugar-Obama Non Proliferation Act).

And David Gregory even got in to the act, repeating the claim that Clinton has more experience as a fighter.

I wish people would be a bit more precise about that. Is Senator Clinton confrontational? Sure. Has she actually accomplished something meaningful and significant that helps people with that confrontation? Not so clear. I’d like to see the evidence of some significant piece of legislation, passed as a result of her taking on some significant interests in Washington. If you know one, name it in the comments please.