Kinda Reminds Me of Bush-Gore

Hillary Clinton’s win-at-all costs approach to the campaign has brought up emotions I last felt in November and December 2000.

Remember that time, when we witnessed the Bush campaign’s effort to win at all costs, and snatch the Presidency, by any means necessary.

That involved making sure certain votes didn’t get counted in Florida. Clinton’s parallel effort has just involved stealthily appealing ("don’t leave any fingerprints") to the baser nature of some folks (i.e., their racism) by darkening images of Obama; assaulting Obama on "Nafta-gate" when in fact it was her campaign that double-talked Nafta to the Canadians; claiming that the opposition-party nominee is better prepared to be President than your own party colleague (maybe because he and Clinton both so strongly supported our misbegotten war in Iraq), thus helping to make it more likely that person will get elected (sorry, folks, but Senator Clinton won’t be able to unring that bell).

I suspect some Hillary and her supporters expect and hope that many of us will come through for her in the Fall if she is the nominee. After all she’s done the past few weeks, she would be wise not to count on that. Her actions have reminded many of us not of Democratic greats, but other folks — like George W. or Nixon. And we just can’t support that kind of candidate, as much as we love our party.