Kinda Like Nancy Reagan?

Hillary Clinton has been trotting around the country touting her foreign policy experience these past twelve months, claiming credit for many of her husband’s signature achievements.

Fortunately, the press are finally starting to wake up and dig into this a bit.

It’s clear Clinton didn’t do anything significant or of real substance, despite her crowing.

Perhaps her strongest argument is that she shared a bed with the sitting President, and offered him advice and counsel. No doubt about that. But so did Nancy Reagan, whom many credit for pushing Ronald Reagan to take aggressive steps to negotiate an arms control agreement with the Russians.

His partnership with Mikhail Gorbachev was perhaps the most significant foreign policy success of any President in the last 30 years. And Nancy Reagan undoubtedly played a role behind the scenes as important at that played by Hillary Clinton.

But did anyone ever suggest with a straight face that that made her more qualified than others to be President?