Why is Hilary Acting Like Sean Hannity?

Yesterday, in an interview with Right Wing Nutjob Richard Mellon Scaife (who bankrolled various investigations into Whitewater in the 1990s, and whom the Clintons have been courting the past 12 months), Hillary Clinton said:

"I think given all we have heard and seen, he would not have been my

Contrast that with what Martin Marty, a distinguished scholar writes this week in the Chronicle of Higher Education about Wright (via Andrew Sullivan, who provides excellent context):

Trinity focuses on biblical teaching and preaching. It is a church
where music stuns and uplifts, a church given to hospitality and
promoting physical and spiritual healing, devoted to education, active
in Chicago life, and one that keeps the world church in mind, with a
special accent on African Christianity. The four S’s charged against
Wright — segregation, separatism, sectarianism, and superiority — don’t
stand up, as countless visitors can attest. I wish those whose vision
has been distorted by sermon clips could have experienced what we and
our white guests did when we worshiped there: feeling instantly at home.

So, we have Obama who criticizes Wright’s specific, adhorrent remarks but courageously refuses to throw him under the bus and reminds us of the broader context for those comments. ANd we now have Professor Martin Marty who makes more considered, thoughtful comments about Wright.


And we have Hilary. Talking, with Mr. Scaife and his minions, like Sean Hannity. Tells us something, doesn’t it.

UPDATE: I was curious to see what Hilary supporters thought about her comments in front of right-winger Scaife yesterday. So I had to head over to Taylor Marsh. Thought there might be some sheepishness, a grudging acknowledgment of the irony at least. Maybe even a token expression of sadness, disgust. Nope.