Paul Krugmam, I’m Sick of You

So, tomorrow we have another Paul Krugman column about health care where he just has to work in yet another criticism of Barack Obama’s health care plan. Which, given the reality of the last 50 years, is about the same as the Clinton plan (and what was the Edwards plan), which Krugman seems to adore.

What is this, the 5th, 10th, 20th, 30th such column? I think the man has some form of column-writing Tourette’s.

I’m tired of the friendly fire incidents from Krugman, and after these dozen or so columns, I’d really like to see Obama or one of his aides deliver the smack down.  I know it won’t happen, for a variety of good reasons, but I’d like to see it happen.

I mean, here we have Mr. Krugman, the self-styled man of the people, crusader for the working man. Who consulted for Enron. Who spent a year working for Reagan’s economic council. Who assures us he’s a bona fide liberal. Who has been nestled for his entire adult career and life in the comforting bosom of the academy.

And he’s criticizing a guy who has devoted his life to working folks. Puh-lease.

Krugman’s wing man this primary season has been his Princeton neighbor Sean Wilentz. (Is there something the water there?). Who has authored a series of idiotic and  distorted hit pieces in the service of his masters, the Clintons.

I don’t mind serious, independent, thoughtful criticism of Obama.  But this pair of Princeton, New Jersey poseurs — I’m done with ’em.