Bring it, McLieberBush

So the Bush-McCain-Lieberman trio are at it, with a coordinated attack today on Obama.

Here is McCain’s hit job. He says today:

"I think [it] is an unacceptable position, and shows that Senator Obama does not have the knowledge, the experience, the background to make the kind of judgments that are necessary to preserve this nation’s security."

I say, bring it. Let’s have that discussion about who has "the background to make the kind of judgments that are necessary to preserve this nation’s security."

For example, let’s talk a bit about McCain’s ongoing, steady, unwavering support for the most disastrous foreign intervention in our country’s history. Wherein we diverted resources from Afghanistan, and our fight against Bin Laden and Al Queda, to invade and occupy Iraq instead on false pretenses and premises.

Let’s talk about that judgment.

Or his unwavering support for a Bush economic regime that has weakened us from within. A set of policies that have made us debtors to a series of nations — China, Russia, and the Opec powers most prominently — who may have strategic reasons to accumulate our debt, and use it in ways not in our national interest.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about some history. Does John McCain now denounce and reject Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Harry Truman? The first pair met with Mao Zedong, the second with Josef Stalin, both the biggest mass murderers of the 20th century (and maybe ever) with nuclear arsenals pointed our way. Was "talking" with them a sign they didn’t have the knowledge or experience necessary to be President or in charge of our foreign affairs?

Let’s talk about John McCain, the false prophet of decency and moderation. With today’s rant, people of even moderate intelligence will now know he’s just another Republican scare-monger, with his bag of well-worn set of scare tactics dating back to Joe McCarthy.

Today, John McCain showed us who he really is. He’s not some moderate-friendly Republican, a maverick with a streak of decency. No Chuck Hagel, he.

No, when it comes to governing, McCain will be just another version of Dick Cheney, but one dressed up for public consumption and media idolatry with some pseudo-straight talk and appearance of access.