Simply Vile

There is a point where a sane, rational person must go from admiring Hillary Clinton’s chutzpah to being totally appalled by her mendacity.

We’ve reached that point. Now is the time for self-respecting Clinton supporters to police their candidate. They’ll do this if they are true Democrats.

Hillary agreed to the DNC rules on Florida and Michigan last year. Ask Donna Brazile. The other candidates played by those rules. Only Hillary reneged (i.e., cheated) when she realized she might lose.

And she says her fight is like the great civil rights battles? And she compares her post hoc efforts to changes the rule after she agreed to them to the 2000 election debacle in Florida — a true tragedy of our system?

Now is the time for the super delegates to enter the fray, or we can all watch the Party implode.

The media has a role to play, too. Clinton’s arguments and claims about Florida, Michigan, and “winning the popular vote” shouldn’t just be “reported” and repeated — they should be held up to the complete ridicule they deserve.

Not doing this will only prove that the Clinton strategy of working the ref — ceaselessly — works.

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