The Biggest Slimeball in the Democratic Party

Just as you thought no one could top Hillary Clinton's bizarre, perverse claims about Florida and Michigan, along comes Lanny Davis.

She claims Florida and Michigan should now count, even though she agreed to rules — that all of the other candidates played by — early on that those primaries would not count.

Lanny Davis one-ups Clinton, saying that basically western caucus states — won by Obama, naturally — shouldn't count. This comes a minute or so in.

Basically, to recap, the Clinton rules are:

1. Count the votes from officially sanctioned primaries in states Clinton won.

2. Count the votes in states whose primaries were ruled ineligible by the DNC, especially if Senator Obama played by the rules and took his name off the ballot.

3. Don't count the votes in states that held official, DNC-sanctioned caucuses won by Senator Obama.
This is a sad, pathetic lot. Do her own supporters even buy this crap? I fear I know the answer.

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