But Hope for One Clinton Dead-Ender

There is an addendum to the last post.

I'm not sure there is much hope for Carville or Wilentz. They're both so personally invested in the Clinton legacy, I'm not sure they could bring themselves to be real Democrats and support their party's candidate, or any candidate, for President who doesn't have the last name "Clinton." There are patrons to be pleased, after all.

Far easier — and indeed safer for them personally — to sit back, gripe, and have the ability to say "I told you so" in December if Obama loses.

But maybe there is hope for Krugman. I just stumbed upon this quote from a column a few years ago about Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth:

But can the sort of person who would act on global warming get elected? Are we — by which I mean both the public and the press — ready for political leaders who don't pander, who are willing to talk about complicated issues and call for responsible policies? That's a test of national character. I wonder whether we'll pass. (em. mine)

Hmmm. Does the sentence above make you think of anyone in particular?