The Clinton Dead-Enders: Wilentz, Krugman and Carville

As I've written here before on this blog, I was a big fan of Bill Clinton when he was President. Along with millions of other Democrats, I strongly supported him — including when the Republicans led their efforts to impeach him, and even after we learned the truth about the Lewinsky incident.

So, it's been a real disappointment to see him and his dead-end supporters not be able to bring themselves to support Barack Obama. Here we are on the brink of his nomination, and you'll find three of his stenographers — Sean Wilentz, Paul Krugman, and James Carville –  unable to find anything nice to say about Barack Obama. Or, the tens of millions of loyal Democrats who support him.

Tonight, there was James Carville telling everyone he could find that the first night of the convention was a disaster, that wooing Hillary Clinton's reluctant supporters was all Barack's problem. Here's Sean Wilentz, doing his darndest to help John McCain make the case that Obama isn't like other great Democratic Party leaders (FDR, Truman, Kennedy, and natch Clinton) but more like Carter. And, as for Krugman, he vents just about every week or so, usually finding far more damning things to say about Obama than McCain.

I'm sick of these jokers. They're not Democrats, they're Clintonites. And there is a pattern that goes well beyond the Obama candidacy. It's not just Obama who falls short in their eyes, it's everyone who isn't Bill or Hill.