We Have Met the Enemy

Another NY Times columnist I love to hate simply nails it tonight. Here's Modo on the self-loathing tendencies of the Dems:

Democrats have begun internalizing the criticisms of Hillary and
John McCain about Obama’s rock-star prowess, worrying that the Invesco
Field extravaganza Thursday, with Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, will
just add to the celebrity cachet that Democrats have somehow been
shamed into seeing as a negative.

So that added to the weird
mood at the convention, with some Democrats nitpicking Obama’s
appearance, after Michelle’s knock-out speech and the fabulously cute
girls, with a reassuring white family in a town he couldn’t remember at
one point. They wondered why he wasn’t wearing a tie, fearing he looked
too young, and second-guessed Michelle’s green dress, wondering if it
clashed with the blue stage, and fretted that there wasn’t a speaker
Monday night attacking McCain and yelling about gas prices.

“I’m telling you, man,” said one top Democrat, “it’s something about our party, the shtetl mentality.”

If we (Democrats) are going to win this election, this has got to stop. Case in point tonight, Josh Marshall's blog (which I so totally, usually love) makes a post out of a stupid, idiotic complaint about the "More of the Same" signs from supposed "marketing expert."  Josh, why give a platform to this kind of silly, trivial, whiny crap?

The reason Republicans win so often is that they want power, and want it badly, and put aside their petty complaints and pet peeves to get the job done and stick to message. When they feel some internal disappointment, they double down on the attack.

Sadly, so often, it seems like all we Democrats can do is nominate fine candidates, and then proceed to second-guess it all because Republicans dare to attack them…

But let me end on a more positive note. I think Team Obama is, so far, playing the week masterfully, contrary to the punditry. Michelle Obama and Teddy last night — solid triple. Hillary tonight? Home run. They're drawing the contrasts with McCain, without being too strident, and introducing the Obamas to Americans as the normal, regular folk that they are.

And I expect the week to get better.