Hand-Wringers Not Wanted Here

If you haven't done so already, read Maureen Dowd's column today about the self-loathing tendencies among Democrats (I also mentioned her piece in this post last night). Every Democrat-leaning blogger ought to read it. Because she nails the achilles heel of the party.

Sadly, I've seen a lot of this on the usually great and wonderful TPM, one of my favorite political sites, during the last week. And now Andrew Sullivan is getting into the act, with lame, stupid, irrelevant posts highlighting people's stupid-ass concerns about… THE STAGE SETTING AT IVESCO!!!

Good lord. 

People, this is why we lose elections. We start obsessing over our doubts about our candidate, and his campaign. And guess what, that gives license to everyone else — the media, independents, and the undecideds, to think there must be something wrong if we're all worried and upset and convinced our man is a loser. To be blunt: if you engage in this stuff, you're doing just what the Republicans want you to do, and you're their tool.

The stage will be fine. Obama will be fine. We'll attack plenty, when we need to. Focus your ire and attention and energy on McCain, and beating the tar out of him the next 60 days.

That's what Republicans do –they stifle their self doubt, and focus on winning — and that's why they win.

One last note: I continue to be impressed by the community over at Dailykos.com. They've studiously avoided this kind of BS the past few days. You can tell that crowd knows how to win. Very impressive. I like being in the political foxhole with those folks, even if they get on my nerves sometime. They know how to keep their cool and focus under fire.

UPDATE: For those of you who missed the reference to the Ivesco Field stage worries, it stems from people getting nervous, worried by the ignorant taunts of bloviating idiots like Charles Krauthammer, who mocked the Obama stage today. Well, turns out it is pretty similar to a stage used… in 2004 by George W. Bush. Take that and shove it up your derriere, Krauthammer, you dumb jackass! When Obama is nominated in January, maybe you can go back to practicing psychiatry and work your magic on some of your fellow travelers in the troglodyte neocon world.