Unbelievably Proud

Lord, what an unbelievably great night. What a great speech. What an awesome, fearless candidate.

Best in my lifetime. 

Tonight should leave no doubt in any Democrat's mind why he is our candidate for President.

Hand-wringers and Henny Penny's out there: Now man up for the party and put your quivering lips back on straight and get to work electing Obama…

And one more thing. I just love watching all those Republicans out there in a state of apoplexy right now. Delicious.

I'll have more to say tomorrow. For now, I'll enjoy the buzz of the night. There will most certainly be tough times in the next 60 days, but this was one fabulous convention, and one hell of a speech.

UPDATE: I should have included a plug for this fabulous review from Andrew Sullivan. Here's his lede:

It was a deeply substantive speech, full of policy detail, full of
people other than the candidate, centered overwhelmingly on domestic
economic anxiety. It was a liberal speech, more unabashedly,
unashamedly liberal than any Democratic acceptance speech since the
great era of American liberalism. But it made the case for
that liberalism – in the context of the decline of the American dream,
and the rise of cynicism and the collapse of cultural unity. His
ability to portray that liberalism as a patriotic, unifying, ennobling
tradition makes him the most lethal and remarkable Democratic figure
since John F Kennedy.