Heckuva Job, McCain

The contrast between last night and this morning nicely lays out the two, starkly different paths provided by Obama and McCain.

In his speech last night, and over the past 18 months, Barack Obama has shown he is ready to be President, and to lead the Nation.He's relatively new to the national stage, but he's shown leadership and tactical command skills that more experienced politicans could only dream of possessing. Don't believe me, ask Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Contrast what Obama showed us last night with John McCain's judgment this morning, his pick of Sarah Palin to be his running mate, and what it really tells us about his readiness.

The only — the only — way McCain's choice can be explained is as a clever, but none-too-subtle, gambit to pick off disgruntled former Hillary Supporters, and to reassure his far right base. In short, it's a Rovean move.

McCain clearly didn't pick Palin because she has proven talents and abilities to lead our large, diverse Nation. Palin has only governed the state of Alaska — a state with fewer residents than Bakersfield metropolitan area  — for just 20 months. Before that — just before Barack Obama started running for President — she was mayor of a town with 6,000 residents.

For the vast majority of her slight career in local politics, the biggest issue she has grappled with was whether there would be enough snow for the Iditarod.

What John McCain showed us this morning is that he hails from the wing of the Republican Party that puts a premium on clever political gambits, and that doesn't really give a damn about governance. You don't have to pick someone with experience. But you do have to pick someone with demonstrable talents, judgment, and proven ability to make decisions under pressure. When you nominate someone with no proven ability or demonstrable talent
to withstand the rigors of the Presidency, with no proven understanding
of the complex challenges that face our diverse nation, it's clear you
are fundamentally not serious about governing the country.

Barack Obama may not be the most experienced candidate for President, but he has laid out his talents, skills, capacity for judgment and leadership for all to see in the glare of a national campaign for President these past 18 months.

Some people are equating it to the choice of Dan Quayle. That's one thought. I have another. This pick is just like putting Mike Brown in charge of FEMA.  And we know how well that turned out.

Heckuva job, McCain.