Palin Revealed: The View from Fairbanks

Here's the report on Palin from the Fairbanks News-Miner (great newspaper name). Read it,

Some claimed that she has gotten a gas pipeline going after three
decades of inaction, which is far from the truth, while others said she
is the most popular governor in the nation, so she must be doing
something right.

What the national pundits didn’t say was that Palin has served as
governor of Alaska during a time of unprecedented oil wealth, which has
helped preserve her popularity.

She has not had to make difficult budget and tax decisions of the sort that cost Murkowski at the polls.

Perhaps the strangest claim repeated endlessly on the news channels
is that she has proven she can cut taxes and reduce the size of
government in Alaska. She may have cut taxes as mayor of Wasilla, but
that's not the same as cutting taxes as governor of Alaska, where there
is no state income tax or sales tax to cut.