Political Malpractice

I think John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin to be his running mate was the grossest political malpractice I've ever witnessed. I'm thrilled as an Obama partisan, stunned as a lifelong political junkie, by its recklessness.

Why? Because the number one — and best — message from McCain has been that Obama is a "risky bet." That he's not ready to be President.

But because he is 72 years old, has grappled with cancer, and has serious ailments from his time as a POW, there is not an insignificant chance that he will die in office. So we have to consider Sarah Palin not as a running mate, but as a potential President.

Given that, McCain-Palin seems like the "risky bet." Obama-Biden just became the safe choice. For McCain and his people to trade in their one ace card for a new card facedown is political malpractice.

We know nothing about Palin. We don't know what she knows, or doesn't know. If she has good judgment, or bad. If she can manage, or not. If she can inspire our Nation, or not. If she can win a vote outside Alaska. If she knows who is President of Russia. Or France. Or Prime Minister of the UK. Or Japan. Or what countries are in the G-8. Or what the Chairman of the Fed does and who appoints him or her. Or the difference between Sunni and Shia.

We know these things about Obama.

What we know about Sarah Palin is that likes mooseburgers, fishing, and snowmobiling. I'm sure she'd be a hell of a lot of fun to talk to over a beer. But we learned the past eight years that is the wrong standard by which to judge a President.