Focus on Palin’s Hyprocisy and Lying

That Sarah Palin's teenage high-schooler Bristol is pregnant is currently providing much fodder for the blogosphere. It's understandable, as it's both ironic and delightfully hypocritical when a right-wing religious conservative is happy to lecture everyone else about morality, but can't quite get the message across to their own kids.

But the real focus should be on the most ridiculous canard put out there to defend Sarah Palin, that she's a "maverick" and "reformer." In the best glimps inside John McCain's brain — an interview with bus mate and best pal, Lindsey Graham –  we see why McCain was attracted to Palin:

I think he knew enough about her
confrontations with powerful people in the state to feel like she's the
right persona for what I want to do.

That's right, he liked her "persona."

Persona is an apt choice of word, because Sarah Palin the crusading reformer is just a guise, a fiction if you will. A fiction knowingly — and falsely — pushed by both McCain and Palin.

We now know Sarah Palin loves earmarks, and worked closely with Senator Ted Stevens to get as much money as she could from the Feds — first for Wasilla, and then for Alaska.

And it turns out she was for the bridge before she was against it, and kept the money provided for the bridge to spend on other projects.

Lindsey Graham also raves about how it "just wowed him (McCain) beyond belief that she would take this group of people (Senator Ted Stevens, Congressman Don Young) on.

But we now know that Palin was a political ally of Stevens, using him in her campaign commercials in 2006, sitting on the board of one of his 527's, appearing with him in July just before he was indicted.

We're starting to get a sense of who Sarah Palin is — a hypocrite long on ambition (willing to say anything, it appears, to try to look appealing and credible) and short on talent. We can't afford more of that in the White House.

UPDATE: Great detail in the Anchorage newspaper about the truth behind Sarah Palin's "Thanks, but no thanks" claim. Not only did Alaska get and keep the money for the Bridge to Nowhere, Governor Palin decided to spend it instead to on a Road to Nowhere Beach.