Take Governor Palin Up on Her Earmarks Pledge

Governor Palin keeps telling Americans she said "Thanks, but no thanks" to the Bridge to Nowhere (a lie, it turns out, that she seems oddly happy to repeat).  And that her state of self-reliant Alaskans is happy to build it themselves and that they don't need any stinkin' earmarks.

She is, after all, a maverick and reformer just like John McCain.

So, when the Congress meets for the appropriations bill next year, I think they ought to take her up on this. For every dollar they send in taxes, they should't get a penny more than a dollar in Federal spending.

In fact, given all the natural resources they have in the state, which was purchased with US funds and protected with US funds, and which provides Alaskans with a nice, neat stipend the rest of us don't get, I would argue they should get back far less than a $1 for every buck they put in. Maybe $.50 on the dollar.

After all, us "coastal elites" only get back $.80 for every dollar we pay, and Alaskans get a $1.83 for every buck they put in. And this coastal elite is tired of Governor Palin and those who elected her acting all tough and independent, when really they're just a bunch of grifters who have perfected the art of sucking off the government teet while acting all frontier-like.