Why Evangelicals Love Sarah Palin’s Family Values

Hanna Posin has an incredible, must-read post about the perverse state of morality in America, and why some conservatives actually love that Sarah Palin's teenage daughter is pregnant:

The larger Palin clan, meanwhile, reflects a different trend among
evangelicals. The stereotype we associate with evangelicals—intact
marriage, wife at home, teenage daughter saves it for marriage—actually
applies only to the small minority who attend church weekly.

rest of the 30 percent of Americans who call themselves evangelical
have started to slip in their morals and now actually poll worse than
the rest of America on traditional measures of upstanding behavior
(ed. note, emphasis mine) —they
are just as likely to live together and have kids out of wedlock, and
their teenage daughters lose their virginities at an earlier age than
the girls of most Americans. University of Virginia historian W.
Bradford Wilcox blames this partly on class differences and
particularly on a lingering "redneck" Appalachian strain in evangelical
culture. (I'm a "fucking redneck," wrote Levi, the father of Bristol's
baby, on his MySpace page, before it was taken down.)

In that
way, Bristol's pregnancy can be spun as just another one of the Palins'
impeccable working-class credentials—salmon fisherman, union member,
DWI, hockey mom, soldier son, pregnant teenage daughter.

most remarkable differences between the large mass of evangelicals and
the rest of Americans are in divorce statistics. Since the '70s,
evangelicals and the coastal elites have effectively switched places.
Evangelicals are now far more likely to get divorced, whereas couples
with four years of college education have cut their divorce rates in
half. An intact happy marriage that produces well-behaved children, it
turns out, is becoming a luxury of the elites—bad news for the Obamas.