Sarah Palin, Phony (Part 2)

I just posted this over at The Atlantic in reponse to a Marc Ambinder question (what should the Obama-Biden folks do vis-a-vis Palin):

Senators Obama and Biden need to remind the hard-working people of
Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia that they're the
ones paying for Sarah Palin's earmarks.

Folks in those states get back roughly what they contribute to the Federal treasury.

But Alaska? For every dollar they put in, they get a $1.84 back. Hedge fund managers would probably like those returns.

Palin says she's a tight fisted reformer. But really, she's part of
the long, Alaskan tradition of sucking off the government teat, even
though her state is wallowing in oil money.

As Governor, asked just this year for more Federal earmarks per capita than any other governor. Period.

She was for the Bridge to Nowhere. Maybe she said "Thanks but no
thanks" in a press release, but she sure as hell kept the money and is
building the "Road to Nowhere" without the bridge.

She makes a big deal about cutting proposed spending, but even so,
her state budget this year was 10% higher than last year's (thanks to
all that oil money).

She's a phony and a fraud when it comes to spending and reform, and
voters in the heartland states should be reminded every day, all day,
that they're footing the bill. "Sarah Barracuda" has a good grip on
their wallets, and gives "welfare queen" a whole new meaning.


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