Of Sarah Palin and the Sneering, Condescending Cultural Elites

Prominent in the narrative of conservatives rallying around Sarah Palin this past week was their supposed anger and resentment towards "cultural elites" or "coastal elites" or "snobby liberals" who dared to question the Governor, or her qualifications to be President.

Much of this coming from "thoughtful" conservatives like Ross Douthat (The Atlantic, Harvard), Megan McCardle (Upper West Side, U Penn, U Chicago, The Atlantic), William Kristol (NY Times, Harvard) and on and on. I guess these folks have no sense of irony — or shame.

You'd think from all the squealing about supposed condescension from liberal elites, that those very elites were in power these past 30 years. That they got us into Iraq. That they are the cause of an expanding inequality and failures in our economy the past eight years. That they hired Jack Abramoff to rip off Native American tribes needing representation in Washington, D.C. That they authorized the illegal torture of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan. That they substantially diminished power of the United States, and lowered the regard with which were held by our allies.

You'd think — to listen to these whines — that it was the coastal liberal elites who gave us George Bush, Dick Cheney, Tom "Abramoff" Delay, Mike "Heckuva Job" Brown, Alberto "Yes, Torture" Gonzales, and Donald Rumsfeld.

See, when we sneer and condescend, it's not toward you or your values. It's the crappy leaders you've elected and foisted on us. We're sick of your bad choices.


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