Will Charlie Gibson Get a Frank Bruni Award?

From this point forward, I'm going to hand out the "Frank Bruni Award" to journalists who regale us with tales of Sarah Palin's moose-hunting escapades and "normal American mom" routines, instead of asking questions that might help us judge whether she's qualified to be President.

Bruni, of course, was the NY Times journalist who regaled us with tales of George W. Bush's bonhomie on the campaign trail and prowess for clearing brush on the ranch during the 2000 campaign. We learned George Bush was a regular guy, someone we "might like to have a beer" with. We didn't learn anything about what kind of President he would be.

We've seen a lot of that already with Sarah Palin. Lot's of fun to read, but totally inane, articles about her moosehunting, her husband's snowmobiling. Real important stuff.

It appears Charlie Gibson will get the first crack at interviewing Palin. Will he get a Bruni Award? Already, he seems to have a penchant for asking the tough question of Obama. McCain?  Not so much.

Will he ask her why she continues to say she said "Thanks but no thanks" to the Bridge to Nowhere, given (a) Congress removed the earmark before she said a peep, and (b) sent the money anyway, which (c) she kept?

Will he ask her how she is such a tough reformer given she asked for more earmarks per person than any other governor in the US last year?

Will he ask her about her and her husband's long association with the AIP, who call for Alaska to secede from the United States?

Will he probe what she knows? About foreign policy, the tax code, immigration, the US budget, funding for Social Security and Medicare?

Gibson has a duty to his country with this interview, we'll see if he fulfills it. Or, if he just lobs softballs about the quirky nature of life of Alaska.


One thought on “Will Charlie Gibson Get a Frank Bruni Award?

  1. I’m betting he throws softballs. Gibson has never impressed me as a serious journalist, and he’s going to be so grateful that’s he’s snagged the first Palin interview that he’ll be wary of upsetting the McCain Machine. JMO.

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