Lies, Damned Lies, and … McCain and Palin

My friend Jed at the JedReport has an excellent post this morning that defines "what more of the same" means when it comes to McCain-Palin. He makes the following three basic points:

They won't get anything done, they'll continue tearing America apart
over cultural issues, and they'll lie to and deceive the public with
reckless abandon.

It's the lying bit I find most troubling, and scary. McCain-Palin seem to hold the truth in the same low regard as Bush-Cheney. Haven't we learned?

On a miscellaneous note, polls come out Friday, this weekend, and today confirming a noticeable bounce for McCain. Some liberal bloggers are in a wee bit of panic. Glad to see Kos, as usual, keeping his head. I also admire that the Obama camp seems very steady amidst all this. They're getting no shortage of advice from friends and allies right now — just as they did three weeks ago, before the conventions — and they appear to remain focused on the goal.

They might very well lose. The country is evenly divided, economics won't trump cultural issue for many (just as they didn't in 2000, or 2004), and this election was always destined to be close. But I'm impressed with how they've run the campaign so far.


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