We Won’t Get Fooled Again

As I wrote in my last post, Sarah Palin's shameless lying about the Bridge to Nowhere suggests one thing clearly: she thinks she can fool us, and that we're a bunch of fools.

As my pal Jed has suggested, it's just more of the same.

For it was Bush-Cheney with Karl Rove who perfected the art formof using lies and distractions to fool us, to keep us from paying attention to the issues: 

Campaigning as a "compassionate conservative" moderate, but governing with an agenda from the far right.

Telling us Saddam Hussein was connected to Al Qaeda, when they knew he wasn't.

Claiming Saddam had WMDs, when they had evidence he did not.

Swearing we did not torture detainees in Iraq or Guantanamo, even though we did.

Assuring us the economy was fine, when it wasn't.

And on, and on.

McCain-Palin seem to think Americans just haven't learned.

They think Sarah Palin can just repeat, endlessly, her "Thanks but no thanks" line even though it's a lie. 

They think John McCain can say, again and again, that Barack Obama is going to raise your taxes even though Obama wants to cut taxes for 95% of the country.

They think they can tell us they're the reformers, that they're the change agents, when their own campaign is run by the same cast of characters who've advised Bush, Cheney, Delay all these years.

They think the son of an admiral with ten houses and $100 million fortune can convince us that the other guy, born to a single mom who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, is the "elitist."

And that's what this election has boiled down to. That's now the narrative of the campaign.

It's a referendum on us, the voters.

Are we gonna let them fool us, and distract us, one more time?


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