Bikes Rule, Updated

They still do so very much.

But I feel the need to provide this update to my earlier post of that title. I crashed last week — a nasty fall on Market, riding about 20mph and boom, bike went right out from under me.

Entirely my fault. Was riding down the center lane on Market — yes, yes, the trolley lane with the set of trolley tracks. Rolling along merrily past an intersection to blow by congestion — thought I was clever to pull that move. When I pulled back over to the right lane, as tire made contact with the oh-so-slick rails, down I went.

As a result, I have some lovely bruises and scabs on my left side.

Bike? She (don’t know why I feminize, it’s like a boat) is fine. Nary a scratch or dent. I gallantly took the hit for her.


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