McCain — He Sold His Soul to Win

This video does a good job of capturing some of the lies coming from the McCain camp. But really, in a way, it just scratches the surface.

What we've seen in the past six weeks from the McCain camp is his evolution from "Maverick" to deceitful, lying pol. From a man who was beat by a deceitful campaign by George W. Bush in 2000, to one who is ready and willing to embrace both Bush's techniques and his campaign team.

Patrick Ruffini suggests this frame of attack: "he was a maverick but sold his soul to the devil (Bush) for power."

Like all good attacks, it has the definite ring of truth, and it assaults the candidate's own central image of himself — his inflated, and misplaced, sense of honor. If you doubt that, watch McCain as he is confronted with his actions by the women today over at The View.

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