Roll the Tumbrils

I am not educated enough to know if the bailout being proposed by Bernanke and Paulson is truly needed to avoid catastrophe, or not.  I tend to think it probably is, sadly for us all.

But if a bailout is enacted, it needs to address the people who pillaged our system for their own gain.

All I can say is the folks who peddled and profited from these financial WMDs, ensconced in their Upper East Side penthouses and Hamptons mansions, ought feel happy tonight that they're not living in 1792 in Paris.  They should also be thankful for the general ignorance of the American people, and glad that most of them don't know just how much money they made over the past few years.

All that said, we should make sure they give their pound — or more — of flesh. After all, we're all picking up the bill.

Class warfare? You bet your ass.


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