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Smack Talk about the Mobile Phone World

In my last job, I lived and worked from London for three years running the international consumer business for a mid-sized, publicly-traded Internet company that did a lot of work in the mobile space.

So I went to lots of meetings in Finland with Nokia, and outside London and in Germany with Vodafone, and there was always a good bit of fun had at my expense teasing me about the pathetic state of the US mobile phone business. Lot’s of smack talk about how the US was third rate in the mobile space and would never catch up.

Our carriers still lag in many ways, though Vodafone and most European carriers are not all they’re cracked up to be.

But it’s a completely different story as far as the phones go. At the time I was in Europe, no one could touch Nokia. How they’ve lost their way.

With the public unveiling of the Palm Pre yesterday, the three best phones in the world now come from Silicon Valley:

— the iPhone

— the G1/Android

— the Palm Pre

With all the doom and gloom about American mediocrity it’s nice to be reminded people here still know how to build great products.

Now if only we could get the car makers sorted out…


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