Obama Visits Iraq

Here’s the BBC’s description:

The president then shook hands with many of the soldiers, who greeted him with cheers and shouts of “we love you Obama”.

Here’s the NY Times dry description of Obama’s visit to Iraq today:

Addressing hundreds of troops gathered at a military base here, Mr.
Obama said that it was time for Iraqis to “take responsibility for
their country,” winning enthusiastic applause.

Here’s FoxNews:

Obama’s appearance pleased troops interviewed by reporters. They said they
were gratified the new president came to visit so soon after taking office. 

“We love you,” shouted a few
. The president shouted he loved them back. (emphasis mine)

It’s funny, for all the claims the media is in the tank for Obama, it’s clear the US media can’t quite bring themselves to admit that people might like and admire the man.

Here is the video from Politico, you be the judge.


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