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Matt of WordPress: Blogs Dead? No.

Found this writeup of a conversation between Andrew Keen and Matt Mullenweg via Matt’s blog (so I assume he endorses this quote):

“Blogs will become aggregation points,” the shamefully youthful, soft-spoken Mullenweg explained, as he mapped out the future of blogging for me between bites of Dutch smoked salmon. “They will become our personal hub. Places where we store all our personal media content such as our flickr photos and Twitter posts.”

That’s a vision we buy into at Vodpod.

When we launched Vodpod 28 months ago, we started by offering cool, simple widgets that let you put your favorite videos in an interactive gallery on your blog.  We’ve expanded the array of tools for bloggers since then; some bloggers have built entire sites using our API.

We’re big believers in both blogs, and bloggers.  If they were stocks, we’d be long. That hasn’t changed, our belief hasn’t wavered these past two years, despite the hype give to other platforms.

We have some very interesting things up our sleeves for the blogging community. Stay tuned.


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