We Have Met the Enemy

I'm sorry, but I've now officially had it with puritanical lefties who are "disappointed" in Barack Obama because he's not quite pure enough for their tastes.

This post from David Kurtz at TPM (a site I love) pushed me over the top and compelled me to blog on a Friday night.

Here we have a President who is pushing — by far — the most progressive agenda in nearly 50 years and shows real signs of greatness. But that's not enough for the rigid purists.

I think Obama has been terrific so far; I'm an adult, I fully understand why he has to compromise on some of these issues. The disappointment has come from pundits and bloggers on the left. After eight years of George Bush, and an election lost in 2000 in part because so many on the left saw no distinction between Al Gore and Bush, you'd think a lesson would have been learned.


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