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I like Fred Wilson’s blog. Read it regularly. Also follow him on Twitter.

On Friday, Fred posted an interview with Robert Scoble where he asked for a “ for video.”  Real-time maven that I am, I would have seen Fred’s note, it would have caught my attention, and I would have tweeted him right away. For I know of such a service!

But, very happily for me, I was very off the grid for three days here:

Picture 7

Now I’m back, refreshed, and should update the record. for video? Already done.  Called Vodpod. Been around for over 2 years. And indeed already pretty popular! You can see my video bookmarks on the right. Heck, you can even watch them there!


  • Provides a handy browser bookmarklet (or extension if you prefer) so you can bookmark a video from any site that offers Flash video + an embed code (9500+ sites and counting)
  • Makes it easy to share the videos you bookmark in an infinite number of ways through our widgets, RSS feeds, API, hosted video sites, applications for Facebook and Twitter and FriendFeed, and more
  • Normalizes the video playback across thousands of different Flash player types, with consistent sizing and handling of auto-play (as best we can, anyway)
  • Makes lovely thumbnails for the videos you collect
  • Provides handy Flickr-like organizer, so you can order your collection as it grows

And more. The team gets an A for building an awesome service; I get a more critical mark when it comes to evangelizing the product among the technorati.

So @Fred — check it out! It’ll even work on your Boxee:-)


One thought on “ for Video? Yes, We Have That

  1. Daddio says:

    Hi Mark
    I’ve just started using Vodpod and have a very simple question. For now I’m using the “post to wordpress” button via Firefox. When I post videos it works GREAT, except for the fact that they ALL default to auto-play. Is there a setting for that? Or do I need to install the widget for that kind of control?

    John in Valencia, CA

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