New URL, New Look & Feel, and One Blog Home

I’ve combined my WordPress and Typepad blogs, and am hosting both on WordPress.com now (thanks to the nifty export-import capabilities of both platform) at the mhallville.com address.

Historically, I’ve maintained two distinct blogs. The first was on Typepad, and eventually became an outlet for mostly political posts. I started my WordPress blog in late 2005, and have written mostly about technology and bikes there. Because the election is over, and I’m writing less about politics, it was becoming a pain to maintain two blogs. And given politics is no less important to me than technology, why keep the two separate.

I’ve also changed the look and feel, and am using WordPress’s relatively new P2 theme. The goals are to make the blog a little more conversational and to put up shorter posts,¬† more frequently, and I think the P2 format and layout encourages and rewards both of those things.


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