Showyou 4.1 Backstory

We launched version 4.1 of Showyou today. I wanted to share a little bit about how it came about.


There has been a social network built in to Showyou right from the start. Indeed, our app has always been about “social discovery” — the ability to follow other people, to see the videos they share, and to comment on those videos. But we always envisioned Showyou as more than that; a new kind of video-centric social network built for the tablet and not the desktop, for prime-time not lunch-time.

At some point over the past six months, our team became more acutely aware that we were all watching and sharing videos on the app at the same time (generally, in the evenings and on the weekends which are peak usage times for Showyou). Knowing we were on the app at the same time, we wanted to have better ways to connect, to signal to one another what we were watching.  We wanted to get closer to the ideal of being able to watch together even though we were not in the same place (our team is split mainly between Portland and San Francisco with a cowboy loner out in Oklahoma City).

So we built the new social tray which is launching today as part of Showyou 4.1. This new social tray — you just swipe from right to left to open it up — lets you see if your friends (i.e., people you follow that follow you back) are on the app and what they’ve been doing most recently. Not only the videos they’ve shared, but also the people they’ve thanked, videos they’ve commented on, people they’ve followed, and the videos they’ve sent you.

If your friends aren’t yet on Showyou, now is the time to invite them. There’s a deeper, more fun experience to be had now with your friends on Showyou. We’re sure there is more to come with this new social tray — it’s the start of something, not the end point — and we’d love to hear what you think and what ideas you have about how it should evolve.


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