Moments of Truth

Of all the things in Reed Hastings’ letter to shareholders that made the rounds yesterday, I loved this the most:

Our North Star is to win more of our members’ “moments of truth”. Those decision moments are, say, on Thursday 7:15 pm or Monday 2:40 am when our member wants to relax, enjoy ashared experience with friends and family, or is just bored. They could play a video game, surf the web, read a magazine, channel surf their MVPD/DVR system, buy a pay-per-view movie,put on a DVD, turn on Hulu or Amazon Prime Instant Video, or they could tap on Netflix. We want our members to choose Netflix in these moments of truth.

This is what all of us in the video space focus on; or should be focused on. We talk about this a lot at Showyou; indeed, I wrote the following on this blog in December 2012 when we launched Showyou 4.0:

It’s 9PM. You’ve worked all day, made it home for dinner. And now you just want to chill. Grab a beer, plop on to the couch, and unwind for a bit. What do you do?
Most of us grab the remote and turn on the TV.
Some of us have started to dial up Netflix, Hulu, iTunes or TV Everywhere for our fix.
And more recently, particularly in homes with iPads or other tablets, we’ve had a third option — tuning into the Internet and all the glorious programming on it.

What’s exciting to me, what keeps us working hard, is that this huge new market is wide open for services and apps that help you tune into the Internet. YouTube won the battle for clips on the web. But the battle for your 9PM has just begun.