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I’m one of the founders of Showyou, an amazing video app for your iPhone and iPad. Don’t take my word for it, I’m biased — the AppStore lists us as one of the essential apps, and one of the “10 Essentials” in the Social Networking category (along with big names like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Skype, etc. Go get it now!

We’re trying to change the way you’re entertained and informed.

You’ve stumbed upon one of two blogs by Mark Hall.

I’ve been writing (very) occasionally at this address since December ’05. I also have an older TypePad blog @ mhallville.typepad.com. This blog is for posts about the Internet; the other is for politics and rants.

New colophon is here.

I work at a start-up with two three five fine colleagues. Our service is called Vodpod, it’s a people-powered video site. You can subscribe to channels (aka Vodpods)  made and curated by our members, including folks like Talking Points Memo, TechCrunch, Gigaom, Politico, PaidContent, Time.com, Second Life and many hundreds of thousands of others, and get a customized video feed delivered to your browser or phone (with more devices coming soon). And you can also build your own Vodpod and share it anywhere you like.

Before VodPod:

Progressive Networks then RealNetworks (1997-2004), where I developed the first, and most popular online audio & video guides of the era, and led Real’s efforts to build the biggest content subscription service on the Web, growing it from 0 to 1,000,000+ subscribers. I then fled to England, and launched and ran our international consumer subscription businesses and grew those from 0 to 100,000s of subscribers within a couple of years.

Prior to Real: I got my start in digital media at Microsoft in 1993, working on CD-ROMS. Remember those? I then continued my digital media apprenticeship at another Gates’ joint, Corbis, where I had the great privilege of producing a CD-ROM on FDR (with Doris Kearns Goodwin and Geoffrey Ward) and building the first companion website for a Ken Burns film (Jefferson).

I like to read, I like to ride my bike to work, and I am an unrepentant political junkie.

I try to answer mail at mark AT remixation DOT com if you want to get in touch.

5 thoughts on “About the author

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  3. mjgolch says:

    Mark,is there a limit on how many videos that I can have in my collection of videos?? the last four would not post at all. Why????

  4. I had a Google Alert set up on my website River Cultures and discovered that one of our videos had been embedded on to your site. I’m all in favour of the dissemination of information, but what seems to happen is that you scraped the video, transcoded it, letterboxed it, screwed the aspect ratio, ran adverts against it and don’t offer a link to the original version at YouTube or the associated videos that were available in better quality and advert free. How it this benefiting the content providers? I’d be content if you just had a link back the original, at present it just seems like stealing. What am I missing?

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